Intellectual Property Application & Registration

At Choi & Partners, we understand that our clients expect quality of service and relevant expertise to protect their investments and to gain or maintain their market share by identifying where IP is driving growth.  In order to meet these needs, we identify the short and long-term goals of our clients and provide comprehensive services such as intellectual property rights creation and management, dispute resolution, and technology transfer.  Couple this with our professional experience in pharmaceuticals and the life sciences, we provide intellectual property services to efficiently protect our clients’ technology and assets.


Overseas Application & Registration

With our vast knowledge of the IP landscape regionally and overseas, including in the U.S., Japan, China, Europe, and the Middle East, and by leveraging the power of our partnerships with associates worldwide, we offer patent and registration services to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected both domestically and abroad.


Trial & Litigation

Our lawyers and technical experts provide the best solutions to any obstacles related to intellectual property faced by our clients such as patent trials, infringement lawsuits, and claims for damages.

Based on our experience and expertise in trial and litigation, we have recorded overwhelming success rates in intellectual property disputes such as invalidation trials, scope confirmation trials, correction trials, and Patent Court and Supreme Court cases.

Technology Transfer & Technology Assessment

Based on our successful experience in dealing with various licensing negotiations between universities, research institutes, and technology buyers, we seek to utilize intellectual property rights to fulfill our clients’ goals.

We provide services that advise on strategic alliances and negotiations, technology transfer agreements, and technology assessment.